Rachel Kohn Interviews Aline P’nina Tayar, ABC Radio

Rachael Kohn ABC AustraliaThey say travel is the best way to find yourself. It’s also one way to discover your ancestral roots. We’ll do a bit of both today. Aline P’nina Tayar takes us to one of the least-known Jewish communities in the world, on the island of Malta. And Jesuit priest Michael McGirr recounts his travels through Europe with his mother.

Transcript extract:

Today we travel to the littlest country in the Mediterranean, with author Aline P’nina Tayar who is on a journey of discovery. Malta is where she spent her early years as a girl, and where her forebears lived in a tiny Jewish community that had ties all around the Mediterranean basin, to Italy, France, Libya and Egypt, and later to Australia. Having lived in England for 20 years, it’s no surprise that she calls herself a Jewish Australian Maltese Englishwoman, for her story maps out the complexity of identity, starting in perhaps the least known Jewish community in the world.


A full web transcript is available from the ABC Australia website.

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